Maya Control

Solutions based on both programming & system administration experience

As a result, sometimes the solutions could look surprisingly simple and effective for a problem viewed exclusively from the programming point of view or as a pure system administrator.

Easy to understand English language

I spent 2 years working and living in US and UK and have excellent test scores: TOEFL IBT - 108 points, IELTS general training - 7.5points.
I have translated 4 books from English to Romanian (published by the main IT publishing house in Romania).
I have also authored articles and localizing apps for a top 5 player in the flight booking industry,

Not plunging blindly in projects

I don't say "I understand" until I really do, so you'll not have the surprise to get something else than expected at the end of the project. In the initial requirements analysis / solution drafting process, often specs get better and simpler approaches are revealed.

I never get into something I cannot finish. Before enrolling into a project I do a thorough research about each step and technology involved; I get in only if everything looks definitely doable by me.

I never try to get a project if I'm not the best to work with and I can advise you about other technologies you need and redirect you to the right professionals that can help you.

No win no fee, no upfront payments

Most of the times and especially in short projects, I work on a "no win no fee" basis with payment after having the product thoroughly tested by the client.